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Town Council Grants

Community floral arrangement

Pontyclun’s community flowers

We welcome applications for grant funding primarily from community groups in the Pontyclun, Miskin and Groesfaen areas.

The objectives of the Council are:

  1. To encourage the participation of residents in community activities
  2. To improve the local economy
  3. To improve the local environment
  4. To include the less well-off in our community
  5. To foster the engagement of young people in the life of our community

By providing grant funding we will play our part in supporting the vitality of community groups and the ability of local people to be part of such groups.

Who and how will we support?

  • The council decides its grants budget annually as part of the budgeting process.
  • The Council approves grants on a quarterly basis with closing dates for applications in each quarter being end of May, August, November, and February.
  • The Council may use up to 20% of the annual grant budget proactively by approaching groups to undertake activities for the benefit of the community in return for a grant.
  • If more requests are received than funds available for distribution the Council can agree to pay out of general reserves or roll over to next year’s budget or to consider the following year.
  • As the Council wishes to focus on supporting local Community groups, grants for “national” organisations will be considered in March each year after the Community groups have been considered. Exceptions to this may be made for those groups with strong local links or where the request has an overriding need to be considered in a timelier manner.
  • Commercial organisations can apply but priority is given to Community groups and Charities.
  • Grants will not be given for political purposes and only one grant per financial year will be given to an organisation.
  • The maximum grant we would normally offer for a project or organisation is £500.
  • In exceptional circumstances the Council will support grants in excess of £500. Applicants for such a level of funding should contact the Clerk who would advise on the information required in support of such an application.
  • Grants for a specific purpose will have priority over those to support the general activities of organisations.
  • The Council reserves the right not to allocate its full grants budget in any year and reallocate the funds.
    • For other normal business in that year
    • For other normal business in future years by transfer to general reserve
    • To Earmarked reserves for future year grant funding of a special nature.
    • To make discretionary donations of up to £100 per organisation for voluntary community groups who have not otherwise been supported by funding or benefit in kind (except the placement of notices in our notice boards)

For more details and to apply please contact the Council or see the application form below. They are available in English and Welsh.

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Other sources of grants

There are many grant funders offering a variety of grants to groups, which could be applied for by groups from our area. Interlink has details of many on its website which can be reached via this link

Other support available from the Council

Notice Boards

The Council has a number of Community Notice boards strategically placed around the Community. Community Groups can ask to place notices in the boards by contacting the Clerk

Notices need to be A4 portrait size

Support in Kind

The council is pleased to support local groups and clubs by allowing them to use our facilities for events and funraising activities. For example a number of mainly fitness classes are held in Pontyclun park.

If you would like to discuss options please contact the Clerk at