Community Organisations and Events

This page is still under construction as we add more information about Clubs and organisations in Pontyclun – there is lots of it so might take us a bit of time to finish

Pontyclun is rich in Community Organisations some with very impressive histories going back over 100 years.

Our Sporting heritage is truly quite impressive – our Cricket, Football and Rugby Clubs between them are 350 years old and we have not just them but Running, Cycling Netball and Petaqnue clubs too.

Have you noticed that the Welsh Football team’s motto is the same as Pontyclun FC’s – well who do you think copied whom? (We are not sure but the Welsh FA started using it in 1951 whilst Terry Squires from Pontyclun FC was their President)

Its not only in sport where we have a rich heritage, it is also in our Community groups , charities and organisations. We have a wide range of Community events held in Pontyclun and some information about those is also here.

Below you will find information regarding the histories of some of our local organisations. If you have a long standing organisation or club and would like us to publish your history then please contact us at