Pontyclun Town Council

The Town Council was created on 1st April 1985. It was initially a Community Council, however when Pontyclun became a town in September 2023 the Council became a Town Council.

The Town Councillors act on behalf of local people to try and preserve the best aspects of the villages, while also encouraging and supporting developments that will benefit the whole community.

The Town Council is funded by a precept, which is raised from a tax paid by all householders.
A proportion of this precept is used to provide grant funding for causes or projects that are for the common good of the residents of the area.

Key dates and information are detailed below

Julius Roszkowski12/4/17 to date
Cath Craven19/10/12 to 31/5/17
Greg Lewis1/4/85 to 6/11/2011

Annual reports of the Council

Annual report 2024

Annual Report 2023

Annual report 2022

Annual report 2021

Annual Report 2020

Annual Report 2019

Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2015

Annual Report 2014

Council Assets
The Council owns and manages a number of assets across the Community. These include –
Ivor Woods – transferred to the Council when it was created from Llantrisant & District Council. This was originally a gift from Wyndham Clarke in 1923
Land at Hollies – transferred from Ideal Homes to the Council in late 1995
We have a small parcel of land in Miskin which had been donated by Lady Caroline Rhys Williams in 1990
The Council leases Cafe 50 from RCT Council. The building was originally built in 1995 and we took it over in 2014
Council leased Car park in Heol yr Orsaf from April 2011
Pontyclun Park has been owned by the Council since 2016 when we installed the new playground. It was originally gifted to Glamorgan Council in 1919 by Wyndham Clarke

Key dates

  • June 2020 Pontyclun.net website relaunched with online Museum
  • June 2019 Refill Pontyclun Launched
  • Feb 2019 Baby Changing facilities added to Public toilets
  • Jan 2019 Crisp Packet recycling scheme launched
  • March 2018 Stargazing event in Pontyclun
  • May 2018 First Pontyclun Walking Festival
  • August 2017 First Pontyclun Picnic in the Park event
  • May 2017 Community Garden opens at Pontyclun Park
  • Nov 2016 new Public toilets open in Heol yr Orsaf
  • April 2016 New Playground at Pontyclun Park opened
  • June 2014 Council took on lease for Cafe 50 in Pontyclun
  • Pontyclun.net website launched July 2013
  • April 2011 Council took over Car park in Heol yr Orsaf from RCT CBC
  • March 2006. Community Council buys Riverside Walk land from Welsh Development Agency
  • April 1997 – Council logo adopted – designed by students of South Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education
  • 3rd April 1985 – First Council meeting
  • 1st April 1985 – Council formed

YearChairV. Chair
2024/25W OwenJ Daniel
2023/24W OwenJ Daniel
2022/23W OwenJ Thorne
2021/22N HolleyMs C Willis
2020/21P GriffithsMs C Willis
2019/20P GriffithsMs C Willis
2018/19P GriffithsMs A Jackson
2017/18P GriffithsMs A Theaker
2016/17Ms J JonesK Forsdyke
2015/16Ms M GriffithsK Forsdyke
2014/15Ms M GriffithsK Forsdyke
2013/14Ms M GriffithsK Forsdyke
2012/13K ForsdykeMs M Griffiths
2011/12Ms C WillisM Rea
2010/11Ms C WillisM Rea
2009/10Ms C WillisM Rea
2008/09Ms C WillisM Rea
2007/08Ms S R JenkinsMs P Thomas
2006/07Ms S R JenkinsMs P Thomas
2005/06Ms S R JenkinsMs P Thomas
2004/05Ms S R JenkinsMs P Thomas
2003/04M ReaMs P Thomas
2002/03M ReaMs P Thomas
2001/02M ReaMs P Thomas
2000/01J R DilworthR G Norman
1999/00J V HuishM Rea
1998/99J V HuishT R Flood
1997/98M ReaJ V Huish
1996/97R G NormanMs M M Griffiths
1995/96C G BendleT R Flood
1994/95C G BendleJ R Dilworth
1993/94E V GriffithC G Bendle
1992/93T J BurtonE V Griffith
1991/92Prof I D BowenT J Burton
1990/91Ms A BurtonProf I D Bowen
1989/90V P JamesMs A Burton
1988/89Ms O P PhillipsV P James
1987/88R G NormanMs O P Phillips
1986/87R G NormanProf I D Bowen
1985/86R C KennardR G Norman