Community Council

Cyngor Cymuned Pontyclun Community Council

Pontyclun Community Council was first formed in 1985 and consists of 11 elected Community Councillors .

It employs 6 members of staff and covers the Communities of Pontyclun, Groesfaen and Miskin.

The Community Councillors are residents of the area who act on behalf of local people to try and preserve the best aspects of the villages, while also encouraging and supporting developments that will benefit the whole community.

The Community Council is funded by a precept, which is raised from a tax paid by all householders.
A proportion of this precept is used to provide grant funding for causes or projects that are for the common good of the residents of the area.

More information and news about our events and others in the community can be found in the Council’s social media

The Council has a strategy and has agreed the following mission statement.

‘Pontyclun Community Council will work with residents and their organisations to ensure an active, lively and successful future for the communities of Pontyclun.’

The strategic objectives for the Council are as follows

  1. Pontyclun Community Council will foster and support community engagement to ensure that the actions of the Council are transparent and accountable
  2. Pontyclun Community Council will administer the Council and its activities to ensure that residents get good value from the Council
  3. Pontyclun Community Council will take action with other agencies to improve the economic well being of the residents, community, services and businesses
  4. Pontyclun Community Council will take action to work with other organisations to improve the physical environment of the community
  5. Pontyclun Community Council will promote the well being of the residents and develop initiatives that will foster community cohesion and social inclusion through social and cultural activities.