U3A Cryptic Crosswords

We meet once a month in Café 50 to solve a cryptic crossword – or two, depending on their difficulty and how in gear our brains are on the day.

When: Third Thursday of each month 2.00pm until 3.30pm

Where: Cafe 50

We find it fun and often amusing working cooperatively together suggesting ideas for how to crack a clue, and explaining the solutions to those who are newer to the pastime.

Most clues rely on more than one person chipping in ideas to get a clue solved, and often someone will be sure of the right answer, but can’t figure out why.

It’s a great way to keep grey cells active, have fun with words and have a laugh together. So, whether you are experienced, rusty or a total novice who wants to learn by observing, you are welcome to join us.

For more information – https://pontyclun.u3asite.uk/u3a_groups/cryptic-crosswords/