Survey on temporary parking management to aid Social distancing in Pontyclun

Pontyclun Community Council are seeking the views of residents, shoppers and businesses regarding a proposed scheme to help social distancing in the shopping area on Cowbridge Road Pontyclun

We have been asked to request RCT CBC to temporarily close the on-street parking spaces on the Community shop/ Lloyds bank side of Cowbridge Road and use the extra space for pedestrians using the shops. The disabled parking will remain open. This has been suggested by some residents who currently feel that the existing narrow pavement causes crowding which is unsafe.

With some shops having queues outside due to Covid restrictions it is noted that there can be difficulties in maintaining safe social distancing on this side of the road and this suggestion would help alleviate this by effectively widening the available pavement.

The Council is seeking views of local businesses and shoppers to inform it’s decision making process and we would ask you to complete a short survey to advise your views.

The survey can be completed by following the link below

Residents should be aware that even if the Community Council was to recommend this plan, any final decision would be made by RCT CBC subject to their rules, guidelines and procedures