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Ray of Light Wales Cancer Support was set up in 2009, for and by people who are affected by the impact of a loved one’s cancer and so have a very personal connection with how it feels.

We are a registered charity that provides emotional and practical help to those who are supporting or caring for someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. Every year in Wales over 19,000 are diagnosed with cancer but the impact of this diagnosis is felt by far more.

Ray of Light recognise and understand that family and friends are also affected by the uncertainty, fear and change that comes with a cancer diagnosis. We provide a confidential, safe and non-judgemental space to support people through the turmoil of someone they care about’s diagnosis, whilst trying to cope with daily family life, and for many this can be a lifeline.

For more information about services or to join one of our support groups and sessions please contact us

Telephone 07971 349703

Website rayoflight.org.uk