Pontyclun Place plan – seeking your views

Place plan notice asking for views of residents

Pontyclun Community Council wants to start a conversation with the residents of Pontyclun on what our town centre and villages should look like in the coming decades.

We attach a Consultation Document which sets out some of the issues for future development – such as transport links, business activity, housing, green spaces, schools.

You are invited to read the Consultation Document and complete the questionnaire.

RCT Council is reviewing its Local Development Plan for the whole county borough from Aberdare to Pontypridd and the Rhondda and Ely Valleys. Your Community Council wants to have this conversation with you on how the development of Pontyclun should take place within the county borough. We want to influence the thinking of RCT Council as well as Welsh Government, Transport for Wales and the Local Health Board.

Please give us your views. Let’s have an open and creative conversation about our future. Let’s shape our future together.

We would be very grateful if you completed and submitted the questionnaire.

This consultation is now closed. We aim to consult further in Autumn 2021 on our draft place plan

The consultation document can be found here