Miskin Roman Fort

Miskin Roman fort from the air

Please note there is no public access to this site

Just off Hensol road outside Miskin and between Caergwanafuchaf and Ceulan farms lies the remains of a Roman auxiliary fort.

The fort was built and occupied during the early Flavian military consolidation of South Wales and would probably have accommodated between 500 and 1000 men, depending upon whether it was a cavalry unit (rare), a part-mounted infantry unit or an infantry unit.

The fort comprised an earthen rampart (the vallum), which was usually revetted at front and rear by turf and timber. Outside the rampart were at least two defensive ditches. The earliest forts were built with a timber breastwork and wall-walk upon the rampart and timber gateways and towers at points around it.

Buildings that would have been contained within the fort include the central headquarters building (principia), flanked by the commanding officer’s house (praetorium), alongside granaries, barrack blocks, stables, workshops and storehouses.

The monument is of national importance for its potential to enhance our knowledge of the early Roman military occupation of Wales, particularly in regard to the Glamorgan area (where such evidence is slight). The importance of the site is further enhanced by its likely association with large-scale iron working, probably beginning during the occupation of the fort but certainly continuing into the late third and early fourth centuries AD. Evidence of an association between Roman military and industrial activity is unusual in Wales.

Approx 300m to the west near to Ty Isaf farm is a also small “practice fort” which is approx 25m square and then about 175m north of this is another possible “practice fort”

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