Area of Middle age farming by Miskin Manor east of A4119

The area of land lying either side of the lane from the A4119 to Miskin Manor have quite a bit of evidence of use going back into mediaeval times.

To the south west of this lane in the fields is a sunken trackway which was identified when preparatory works were being done for the M4 in the 1970s.

To the South/East in the fields there are field systems visible including 4 lynchets, aligned N-S along valley slope.

Lynchets are earth terraces along slopes. They are a common feature of ancient field systems in the British isles.

Each is about 76m long & were covered in 12-14th Century potsherds showing the area had been cultivated in the Middle Ages

As you head North up this lane away from Miskin manor and towards Groesfaen there is a disused post medieval Lime Kiln near to Llwyn y Pennau house and in the field to the west of Ty Newydd was the site of LLangoed chapel which was still in use in the 14th Century.

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