Forest Wood Quarry – planning applications – 22/1149/10 and 22/1126/10

The Community Council met to discuss these two planning applications and resolved to object to the proposals. At our meeting which was well attended by the public we agreed to publish our objections.

Details about the applications can be found on the RCT planning website here

Below is an extract from our letter to RCT planning regarding these applications

The Council met last week and discussed these applications.

I should say that we had about 40 residents attend our meeting to raise objections about these applications. This is the most people I recall attending a Council meeting in the 6 years I have been Clerk here and shows the depth of feeling locally. We are aware that a petition of around 250 signatures has been presented to RCT CBC objecting to these proposals. We are also aware that the local MP and MS have also written to you objecting.

The Council wishes to object to these applications in the strongest terms

We recognise that the applications may contribute to increased recycling capacity and the environmental benefits that this brings, but this must be balanced against the detrimental impact on quality of life and welfare of residents and on retail and other businesses in the local area. Many residents are concerned about air quality, noise pollution and impact on their mental health.

Virtually all the increased traffic from these applications would travel along Cowbridge Road through Brynsadler and Pontyclun. This road is already very congested and could not cope with the additional traffic without many periods of gridlock – the applications imply over 40000 extra HGV journeys a year which just cannot be accommodated.

In addition 

  • We believe there would be a significant increase in air pollution from Diesel particulates and dust
  • There could be additional water pollution in the area
  • The local area would be blighted by additional noise from the operation iteslf and the additional HGV traffic
  • The additional volume of traffic would create significant safety issues for pedestrians. Much of this route is well used by school children going to and from school. They would be particularly affected by the air pollution
  • We also have concerns that the bridges over the River Ely and railway lines would not cope with the additional traffic. The river bridge at Brynsadler has already had recent structural issues and repair work carried out to a wall by the highway. We ask that a report as to the safety of these bridges is prepared before approval is given
  • We also believe that there is sufficient provision of these services in the area and adding more might lead to oversupply – indeed a similar facility is already present in our Community area

Specifically regarding application 22/1149/10 we also believe

  • That the application is invalid as the pre-application consultation was flawed.
    • Llanharry Community Council was not consulted even though application is in its ward
    • The RCT Councillors for Pontyclun were not consulted, though in Llanharry and neighbouring Vale wards were
    • Whilst the direct neighbours to the site were consulted the other near neighbours nor anyone along the proposed traffic routes were.
  • Reading the traffic report, we think that based on the volumes of traffic we see on the roads at this time,  the report understates the current position and we ask that an independent assessment is made to establish current volumes of HGV traffic, what the local roads could accommodate and the likely impacts from these additional volumes. (We appreciate that volumes at time the report was written may have been different)

We also ask that this application is considered by the full Council and not just the planning officers or planning committee. 

Residents and local business owners who have views on these two applications may wish to express these views to RCT CBC planning by writing to