Cafe 50 catering

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The Council is inviting expressions of interest from caterers as to how they could provide catering services in Café 50 going forward.

Due to Covid 19 restrictions Café 50 is currently closed and this is therefore an ideal opportunity to review and reset the provision of services in readiness for re-opening once Government restrictions allow.  

Whilst Pontyclun Community Council wants to improve the variety of food available to attract more diners and provide customers with a greater choice of food, we appreciate that restrictions in the “post Covid” world will be challenging. Pontyclun Community Council is open to suggestions from you about how a service can be provided. At this time, we are asking for –

  1. Expressions of interest to provide catering facilities
  2. A general outline of what services you want to provide and how

The Council will consider the expressions received and will invite a few caterers for further discussions prior to selecting a caterer to provide the service.

The Council anticipates that a new contract will start when Café 50 reopens and run for 3 years with an option for the Council to extend for a further 2 years without testing the market.

When Café 50 reopens for food service there will be a period when numbers may be low and additional support might be needed to get started

Pontyclun Community Council is prepared to be flexible in agreeing initial services, opening times, dates and a limited period discounted rent.

Caterers wishing to view the premises or request further information should contact the clerk to make suitable arrangements.

For more information and details of what we are aiming to achieve please see the attached document below

Expressions of interest should be received by the Council by Monday 19th April. This can be in hard copy by post or e-mail to

Cafe 50 catering invitations for expressions of interest final