Caer Gwanaf enclosure

Caer Gwanaf Enclosure

Please note there is no public access to this site

In the fields to the east of Caer Gwanaf Farm lie the remains of two earthwork enclosures.

The date or precise nature of the enclosures is unknown, but it is likely to be later prehistoric.

The larger one consists of a flat, roughly circular area surrounded by a ditch. The ditch is flat bottomed, 1m wide and 1m deep, with steep sides. Outside the ditch there is a counterscarp bank, 4m wide and 0.4m high. There is a slight bank inside the ditch, 0.3m high. The enclosure is about 56m in diameter and across the middle, running in an east-west direction is a low straight bank, 2.5m wide by approx. 0.10m high. In the adjoining field, to the south-east, is a similar, smaller enclosure. The ditch is slightly wider, with an interior height of 1.8m.

Outside the ditch is a similar couterscarp bank. In the middle is a depression, 3m in diameter and 1m deep.

The monument is of national importance for its potential to enhance our knowledge of later prehistoric defensive organisation and settlement. The site forms an important element within the wider later prehistoric context and within the surrounding landscape.

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